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Uncompromising quality, every step of the way.

Through a distinctive process and adherence to international quality standards, Extrupet is able to produce a product that competes favourably with the quality of virgin PET material. This quality has earned Extrupet ISO 9001, BRC accreditations.

From collection of waste PET bottles, to sorting, decontaminating and extruding, Extrupet pays microscopic attention to detail at each stage of the recycling process, ensuring a consistent product which reflects uncompromising commitment to quality. Extrupet maintains a state-of-the art laboratory and testing facility to ensure all products can be guaranteed for clarity, strength and durability

PET recycling on an industrial scale.

To date, Extrupet has been successful in expanding its capacity to recycle over 2,5 million PET bottles per day. Employing state-of-the-art technology and world-class extruders, Extrupet is one of the recycling industry’s leaders. Our mission is to continue to meet the recycling needs of the country, industry and consumers in general

Performing a vital social and environmental role.

By providing opportunities for bottle collectors, Extrupet has created an ever-growing cycle that not only contributes meaningfully to solving the problem of post-consumer PET waste in the environment, but also creates much needed employment. Extrupet helps to alleviate poverty by creating opportunities for thousands of mini-entrepreneurs, many of whom have gone on to build their own teams and employ many others to assist them.

The hundreds of collectors that scour the streets and public spaces, collecting discarded PET waste and greening our environment, do so thanks to a continuous demand for the product and support by Extrupet. By buying bottles from a thriving community of collectors, Extrupet is indirectly providing a valuable source of income for thousands on the poverty line